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Health insurance is intended to cover a portion of your medical costs so you don’t have to pay entirely out-of-pocket, which could ultimately save you thousands of dollars each year. Medical expenses can be financially overwhelming, so health insurance is an important part of making sure that your medical bills are under control.

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Health Insurance Coverage Options

Many people get health insurance through their employers. Having health insurance through your employer can be a great option as the cost of the insurance is divided amongst the company, making the costs lower for you. However, if you don’t receive health insurance through your employer, you may want to consider these other coverage options:

  • ACA plans
  • Medicaid
  • Short-term care insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • And more!

Health Insurance Costs: An Overview

Multiple costs are typically associated with health insurance. Understanding these costs is important so that you can be prepared when they come up in the future.

Deductibles are an annual amount that must be paid before your entire policy’s coverage begins. If you don’t use your health insurance at all in a year, then your deductible will remain in full. Your deductible resets automatically when a new insurance cycle begins.

Copays are an amount that must be paid whenever you use a medical service. Copays can vary depending on the service and your health insurance. It’s essential that you budget for copays, as you’ll still need to pay for them even if your deductible is fully paid.

Insurance premiums are the amount you’ll need to pay (typically monthly) to keep your policy active. This is separate from your deductible. If you miss multiple premium payments, then you may lose your health insurance.

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